Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge Sucked Into Black Hole.....

Los Angeles, CA-The latest installment of MTV's popular reality series, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which pits cast members from recent seasons against each other in a competition for cash and prizes ended in disaster today when all but one of the participants was killed by a black hole.

"I'm not exactly sure what happened out there," Theo Von, the only survivor of the current cast, explains. "We were all crawling around in a mud pit, looking for the key to that sweet Hummer H3, and then all hell broke loose."

A black hole, typically thought of as a region of space whose gravitational field is so powerful that nothing can escape, have in the past only been observed in the farthest reaches of space. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking reveals "This is definitely a first. Yes, this black hole was rather small on a cosmic scale, however it was more than powerful enough to slowly rip their bodies apart molecule by molecule in what can only be described as an astronomically painful process. Thankfully nobody important was injured."


The Laundress said...

Isn't Mr. Hawking rumored to be abused by his wife? Good Lord, Mr. Knudsen, where is your sense of propriety? What kind of lefty, pinko, deviant news service are you providing?

Real Americans deserve the Truth.

Zoo Knudsen said...

Who is Mr. Hawking?

jmb said...

I'm thankful Nobody Important was hurt too, since that's me.