Sunday, October 7, 2007

Andy Dick Literally Roasted Alive at Friar's Club Event.....

New York, NY-In a shocking and ironic turn of events, comedian Andy Dick was burned alive today during preperations for a celebrity roasting of Ray Romano at the Friar's Club, when a pyrotechnic device malfunctioned backstage.

"This is a real tragedy.....I guess," current Friar's Club Abbot Jerry Lewis explained. "He wasn't even invited and I'm not sure how he got in the building."

Long time Friar's Club member Don Rickles, nonplussed by Dick's horrible demise, was overheard saying that "I mean we knew the guy was flaming but this is ridiculous. Am I right or am I right? This guy's career went down in flames years ago and I guess nobody told him not to take that literally. Seriously, the guy makes Schindler's List look like Caddyshack. You've been great, don't forget to tip your waitress folks!"

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