Thursday, October 11, 2007

Famous Confectioners Admit to Misleading Advertising.....

McLean, VA-John Mars, chairman of the candy company bearing his family's name, admitted today in a congressional hearing on truth in advertising that M&M candies melt in a number of locations, not just in one's mouth.

"We're very sorry, just very sorry," Mr. Mars explained. "If we have mislead our customers into thinking that the only place inside which our delicious candy coated chocolates can melt is the human mouth, then we apologize. It was not intentional. This is a time in the history of our company that is as dark as our new gourmet 70% cocoa dark chocolate M&M's."

A federal judge has ruled that Mars Incorporated must produce a nationwide public service announcement to educate consumers on the myriad locations so far shown to result in M&M meltage such as blast furnaces, nuclear reactor cores and deep sea hydrothermal vents.

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