Saturday, November 24, 2007

Area Grocery Store to Offer Complimentary Hand Wipes.....

Rockville, MD-In response to growing fears regarding the spread of increasingly resistant bacteria around the community, Magruder's Supermarket will be offering complimentary antimicrobial hand wipes to shoppers.

"There are a lot of worried people out there," Store manager Herman Moody explained. "Anything we can do to put customer's minds at ease is a good thing. Providing a safe shopping environment where folks can buy what they need at reasonable prices is our highest priority."

But not everyone supports the use of complimentary hand wipes for this purpose. Physician and noted skeptic Maynard Grimp is concerned that it will further confuse the general public and add undeserved legitimacy to the practice. "Complimentary is just a marketing term," Dr. Grimp revealed. "There is no such thing as complimentary hand wipes, only hand wipes that have been proven to work and hand wipes that have not."

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