Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Infants Turning to Alternative Potty Training.....

Jacksonville, FL-Despite decades of scientific advancements such as flush toilets, disposable diapers, and Diaper Genies, a growing number of infants are turning to alternative methods of potty training.

"It's easy to assume that a young infant can't toilet train since infants are small and uncoordinated, and also because they cannot walk or talk," Barbara Pennock, Head Instructor at a local Freecheeks Diaperless Potty Training Center, explained. "But today's saavy baby is wisely considering his or her options before diving into any one particular program, even if it is one that the majority of parents have been using these days."

Pennock further revealed that "Our method isn't for everyone, but it is for parents who are willing to listen to what their newborn to 6 month old babies have to say about their personal elimination functions. And all they will need is enough newspaper to cover the floors of their house and a garden hose. But what they won't need is any more diapers!"

Carl Reed, a pediatric gastroenterologist and parent of 5, isn't sold on what he considers unfounded diaper training methods. "In my opinion, calling a method alternative is just a marketing term that implies equal footing in regards to supporting evidence. In reality, there are no conventional or alternative potty training modalities, only those that work and those that do not.

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