Monday, November 19, 2007

Nutrition Science Rethinks a Classic.....

Pawtucket, RI-Long known to be non-toxic, the popular and kid friendly modeling clay Play-Doh is now beginning to be recognized by scientists as a nutritious food alternative that may help fight childhood obesity.

"In today's climate of lead laden Chinese toys being found in every playroom, it's nice to know that not only is Play-Doh safe to eat but it's good for growing children," Dietician Isabelle Johnson explained. "The exact composition of Play-Doh is a tightly kept secret but studies have found it to be made up of mostly wheat flour and water but one serving, or about half a can, contains 100% of a child's recommended daily intake of salt, borax, and hardening agents. Plus, it is great source of the often neglected kerosene/petroleum distillate food group."

Hasbro CEO Alfred J. Verrecchia isn't suprised by the recent acceptance of the scientific community. "Many people don't realize that Play-Doh was first developed as a non-meat, non-vegetable, non-dessert TV dinner side dish. But while parents were eating the stuff, kids were playing with it. And then the FDA got involved. It was a messy business but who's laughing now?"

Across the nation, schools are beginning to offer this wholesome food substitute as a low-calorie but suprisingly filling snack in lunch rooms and vending machines. According to Verrecchia, in order to reach more non-traditional Play-Doh consumers, Hasbro is working on plans to produce an organic version. Gourmet Play-Doh is also in the pipeline.


The Preemie Experiment said...

Ahhh.... there's nothing like the smell of new play doh. I can eat it now?? Wow, is it my birthday or something?

Sid Schwab said...

So now we know why Homer Simpson says "D'oh."