Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tobacco Company to Halt Print Ads.....

Winston-Salem, NC-Tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds, buckling under the weight of pressure from anti-smoking organizations and members of Congress, has announced that it will not be placing advertisements in newspapers or magazines in 2008.

"This is merely another example of R.J Reynold's focus on public safety," R.J. Reynolds spokeswoman Jean Smithy explained. "The last thing that we want to do is to give the impression that cigarettes are for everyone. Because they aren't. They are absolutely off limits to children and to be honest, adults shouldn't smoke them either. We just can't stress this enough. Please do not smoke our cigarettes."

R.J. Reynolds has also announced that they will stop producing and offering a number of cigarette related products and services which have been targeted by critics:

1. Tobacco Tots Tobacotastic Toddler Safe-T-Seats with built in ashtray and Safe-T-Lighter with reduced entry port to reduce risk of finger burns

2. Timmy Tobacco's Wacky Shack Family Style Restaurants and Amusement Parks

3. Baby Got Bacco Infant Formula now with Comfort Carcinogens

4. Tobacco Junction: All Aboard! Where the Cool Kids Hang Out and Do Cool Stuff, hosted by Nicole Kidman and Ciggy the Bear

"We can't help but feel at least partially responsible for the widespread popularity of smoking," Smithy revealed. "This is just us doing our part to make up for that."


Dame S said...

And to think that we are only at the beginning of the C21 - what other marvels with unfold as this century progresses? What strides will manifest in public health as part of this public spirited gesture. Possibly some senior officials of said organisation are angling for titles and awards but I doubt that you have earls, (non-colloquial) dames, counts, barons etc.

The Laundress said...

Aw Zoo,

You are only telling half of the story here! RJ Reynolds is only dialing back on print advertising in the UNITED STATES.

The African and Southeast Asian child smoking markets are fair game... RJR has gotta beat out that Chinese national monopoly on putting the evilest weed in the hands of children.

RJ Reynolds and their Master Settlement Agreement?

It was too little, too late for former child-smokers such as myself. Betcha the nicotine replacement product companies are among their subsidiaries?