Sunday, December 23, 2007

Biblical Scientist Unable to Find Evidence Supporting Whale Evolution.....

Chicago-When Bible Scientist Clair Fortson heard of the recent discovery of a possible evolutionary link between modern whales and a now extinct land animal from India, a raccoon-sized creature with the body of a small deer known as Indohyus, she went to work looking for corroborating evidence.

"I've read the literature on this again and again," Dr. Fortson, S.T.D explained. "And in double-blinded placebo controlled Bible readings, there just isn't anything I can find to support this supposed link. This is just another example of the wealth of scientific data revealing the special creation by God of all life on earth."

A long-time skeptic of the theory of Darwinian evolution, and its driving force known as natural selection, Fortson has designed a variety of research protocols to test its validity. "First off, you have to have a full grasp of these processes before you can start finding the weak areas. Natural selection, at least as proposed by some scientists around the world, occurs when heritable traits that are favorable increase in prevalence in successive generations of a population of reproducing organisms, while unfavorable traits become less common. It sounds nice, but it just doesn't tend to pass muster when put to the test in properly designed scientific studies."

Dr. Fortson, S.T.D. has proposed a list of questions for the supporters of Darwinian evolutionary theory to answer. She reveals, "This is the heart of my research. I've spent years exploring every aspect of this issue and to be quite frank, if evolution is really happening, then these are questions that not only could be answered, they should be."

1. If we are the result of an evolutionary progression from monkey to man, why are there still monkeys?

2. How could humans have evolved from single celled organisms in only 6,000 years?

3. Why are there no documented cases of a cats giving birth to dogs?

4. Why can't scientists create life in a laboratory?

5. Why are fossils always buried underground? What are you trying to hide?

6. Why are there no transitional fossils that capture the process of evolution happening in real time such as a cat turning into a dog or a fish into a walrus?

7. Why do you want to burn in hell?

8. What is DNA?

9. Why do bananas fit so perfectly into the human hand, proving that they were designed for us specifically in mind?

10. What is the deal with the platypus?

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Herman Cummings said...

A Scientific Prediction From Genesis

Besides myself, all others that try to tell us what Genesis says do not understand the text, and are speaking from ignorance. I’m sorry to have to take this position, but there are too many false teachers and unqualified people talking about “creation\evolution debates” (when no such contest exists), and proclaiming false doctrines about Genesis, such as Creation Science, theistic evolution, progressive creation, and “gap” theories. There is even the fad of “Intelligent Design”, which is a big waste of time, and has almost nothing of value to offer.

There are no “creation accounts” in Genesis. The opposing view of evolution is what I call “the Observations of Moses”, which were visions of six days from the past, given to Moses by God, on Mt. Sinai in 1598 BC. Each day was taken from a different day of the week, each week being the first week from a different geologic age of mankind.

Having said that, I am now making this declaration, so that mankind may know that the words and events written in Genesis are true, and the humanist theories of our origins are false. I predict that secular science shall soon find, if they have not already, solid evidence of prehistoric mankind, which is earlier than 30 million years in age. The book “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!”, states from Genesis that mankind has been in his present likeness for over 60 million years. Moses wrote about extinction and restoration.

Herman Cummings
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