Sunday, December 16, 2007

Knudsen's News: December 16th, 2007.....

On December 16th, in the year 1937, Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe attempted one of the most daring prison breaks in the history of the American penal system when they escaped from the federal facility on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay. Neither of the men were ever seen again, and many experts have expressed doubts that they could have survived in the strong currents and freezing cold water.

Amazingly, Nostradamus himself had predicted the event in the recently discovered 43rd quatrain from Century VII in the third edition of The Prophecies:

"On the night of repose amongst the stocks;
the armament shall yield to a single defect.
Moonlight and a cold reception awaits the brothers,
and the depths accept their brazen entreaty."

During a recent taping of world-renowned psychic John Edward's television program Cross Country, which took place Alcatraz Island, the best-selling author and communicator with the deceased contacted two men with first names that started with a J, T, M, R, Z, Q, L, or Y who enjoyed being around the water. It was later confirmed by both an independant psychic and a Ouiji Board that the two men were the Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe.

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