Monday, May 12, 2008

Classic Knudsen: August 15, 2007.....

Local Newswoman Questions Widow's Acceptance of Tragedy

Gilead, Nebraska-Angela Purdy, a field reporter for Gilead's Channel 7 News, expressed concern today while interviewing local woman Lois Simpson amidst the smoldering wreckage of her husband's 2000 Honda Accord.

As the charred remains of Simpson's husband and three children were put in bags in preperation for transport to the Gilead morgue, Purdy explained to the sobbing widow how tragic the situation was and asked if she had begun the painful process of coming to terms with the loss of her family.

"What a horrible tragedy, I mean, losing your entire family like that," Purdy explained to the ashen-faced Simpson. "Please tell us, how are you feeling? Are you sad? You must be very, very sad right now. Could you tell us what is going through your head right now? It's sadness right?"

Purdy, a 10-year veteran of the station, has encountered enough pain and misery while reporting the news to know how to handle interviews involving such a sensitive subject. "I felt it was my duty as a journalist to make certain that she was aware of how utterly wretched she should have been feeling, and to help her achieve closure." Thanks to the deftly handled interview, Channel 7 viewers were able to take comfort in the fact that Ms. Simpson was despondent about the whole situation and just wanted to be left alone.

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