Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Local News Report Pushes Limits of Image Entry Effects.....

Billings, MT-When news anchor Shabreena Lamont began her segment on the rare and debilitating disease afflicting an area 3-year-old this morning, the last she thing she expected to do was help push the envelope of news report image entry effects to new extremes.

"I just can't believe it," the visibly shaken Lamont explained to the large crowd of fellow reporters and station crew members that had gathered to watch history in the making. "I've really got to give a lot of the credit to the boys in editing for this one."

Beginning with Lamont's opening statement describing the local parents' horror upon discovering the true nature of their young child's unsettling condition, an image of the boy smiling and wearing a comical oversized baseball cap spiraled into focus. The same image, which was the only picture able to be obtained by the station, was repeatedly shown using a dizzying array of entry effects, some of which had never been seen on a television news report. All in all, well over 100 entry effects were utilized for the 10-minute segment.

"We've all seen images fade, fly, and stretch into the background during television news reports before," media historian Reginald Boom revealed. "But the bar has been set very high with Ms. Lamonts effort today. I was especially impressed when the picture of the diseased child leapfrogged over the image of a bloated intestinal parasite and into an open grave."

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