Monday, May 19, 2008

United States Government to Continue Feeding Michael Moore to Death.....

Cannes, France-When plans for a follow-up to Fahrenheit 9/11, the award-winning documentary which criticized the Bush administration and its "War on Terrorism", were announced during the famous French film festival last week, concerns over Michael Moore's safety were quickly raised, and even the filmmaker himself is seemingly aware of the possibility of a government reprisal.

"The new film is going to cover some pretty toxic topics," the Academy Award-winning documentarian explained. "It's something I shouldn't make, something that is dangerous, but there are things about this president that people need to know and, well, frankly they are going to be shocked."

An inside source at the White House has confirmed that high ranking officials are aware of the new film and its content but states that as of right now, plans to continue providing a standard American diet to Moore are thought to be an adequate means of silencing him. But in the event that Moore should survive long enough for the film to enter production, the government is prepared to release new dietary guidelines, effectively tripling the daily requirement of beef drippings.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Yes I've just been reading about the "Standard American Diet" in my quest to help me lose weight and understand why I became obese in the first place.

Have just been browsing Blogger for other users who listed "All The President's Men" as one of their fave films and came across yourself.

Nice to meet you in blogland, Sir!

Best wishes,

Zoo Knudsen said...

(Out of character)

You may want to pick up Michael Polland's (sic) latest book "In Defense of Food". I loved it. My wife and I have since joined a local CSA and been very happy with the weekly shipments of fresh produce. We've also done a serious overhaul of our diet, taking out significant amounts of high fructose corn syrup, but not sacrificine flavor and enjoyment one bit.