Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Addition of 17th Grain Heralds End Times.....

Prattville, AL-In a suprising development that threatens not only the future of the baked dough industry, but the very existence of mankind as well, Prattville housewife Susan Taylor achieved what many thought impossible today by incorporating a 17th grain into a loaf of her world famous Susie's Wholesome Whole-Grain.

"I really can't believe I pulled it off," Taylor explained from her thirties inspired bungalow kitchen. "I just hope that there aren't any serious repercussions for humanity."

Culinary experts, like Food Network Vice-President Bob Tuschman, have in the past expressed concern that pushing the envelope of the number of grains added to bread may be asking for trouble on a global scale. "I am seriously afraid that shoving any more grains into bread may tip the scales in the cosmic battle between good and evil and hasten the oncoming of the now unavoidable apocalypse."

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