Sunday, April 15, 2012

Area Man Swears He is Going to Say Something if it Happens Again.....

Raleigh, NC-While waiting in the "ten items or less" line at a local Harris Teeter supermarket, Raleigh native and unemployed bike shop cashier Brett Sturgeon couldn't believe it when a shopper in line ahead of him checked out more than the suggested limit of items.

"I was stunned," Sturgeon explained. "The sign is right there in plain English. If I see it happen again, I'm gonna ask to speak to the manager. I've just about had it with this kind of behavior and I won't stand for it anymore. I mean, what is the deal with people!"

Mr. Sturgeon, who has made bold claims of future and conditional action in the past, such as when he said that he wouldn't borrow any more money from his brother once the economy starts picking up, that he would move out of his parent's basement just as soon as he found a job, or that he would stop masturbating when his free trial subscription to Seventeen Magazine ran out, left the store after purchasing a frozen pizza and a case of Natural Ice.

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