Saturday, September 28, 2013

2012 NCCAM Data Reveals New Leading Cause of Fatigue .....

Bethesda, MD- During a press conference held today at their headquarters in Bethesda, officials from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) announced that preliminary data from a landmark 2012 study shows that chronic fatigue syndrome may have taken the place of insufficient sleep as the most common cause of fatigue in America.
“To many in the scientific community this will likely come as a complete shock and it is going to be met with skepticism,” NCCAM Assistant to the Travelling Secretary Embeth Guzman explained. “But to other, less close-minded physicians and researchers, particularly those fighting on the front lines of integrative healthcare, this is a validation of the years spent working to raise awareness of alternative health issues.”
The NCCAM, which is the federal government's lead agency in investigating alternative healing modalities and unconventional diagnoses, has issued a nationwide call for medical professionals to be on the lookout for a number of less familiar but potentially deadly conditions that may present simply as fatigue. In fact, according to Guzman nine out of the ten most common causes of fatigue in adults are conditions not fully accepted by mainstream medicine. “It is now time for all of us in the medical field, regardless of our personal beliefs, to come together and fight these scourges of humanity. I don’t want to come off as an alarmist here, but the lives of millions of Americans are at stake here.”
The following is the updated list of the leading causes of fatigue in America:
1.   Chronic fatigue syndrome
2.   Chiropractic subluxations
3.   Candida hypersensitivity/overgrowth
4.   Adrenal fatigue
5.   Wilson’s Thyroid Syndrome
6.   Insufficient sleep
7.   Morgellon's Syndrome
8.   Engram infestation complex
9.   Chi stagnation/obstructed meridians
10. High-fructose corn syrup ingestion
11. WiFi allergy
12. Radon exposure
13. Toxic mold
14. These damn kids!
15. Stress
The NCCAM study, which ran from January through December of 2012, involved a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled questionnaire filled out by nearly 100 Bethesda area residents according to lead author Harken Marrow. Marrow, who is a clinical instructor of chakra cleansing at the Rising Sun Holistic Healing Education Academy, which also served as the primary recruitment center for the study, was very impressed with the quality of the study design. "After using a number of complex statistical analyses, the preliminary results were voted on at a meeting of the top minds in complementary and alternative medicine. Yeah, the science and the math really speak for themselves on this one. And in the world of integrative medicine, it’s all about the science.”

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