Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Children's Program Discusses Link Between Vaccines and Autism.....

New York, NY- The premiere episode of a new weekday morning program called Jabby's Playhouse, which is set to air this week on The Learning Channel in most markets, aims to educate children ages 2 to 5 years on the link between autism and vaccines.

"We've done the research and come up with what we feel is a fairly close approximation of the scientific consensus on this issue," Kidz Fun Shop president and CEO Gurny J. Knievel, who is also a certified Doctor of Naturopathy, explained. "It's all about good science, good clean fun, and the kind of intelligent writing that children have come to expect from Kidz Fun Shop."

This is not the first Kidz Fun Shop program to tackle a controversial topic. The unconventional production company, co-owned by Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen, also brought us the landmark 2001 show Goodnight Thermite, which dealt with the truth behind the September 11th tragedy. This was followed by a 2006 documentary on the faked moon landing, "Oh, the Places They Didn't Go!", which was narrated by Joe Rogan.

The initial broadcast of Jabby's Playhouse will not shy away from presenting a realistic portrayal of autism, as understood by McCarthy and a group of angry mothers that won a contest. The show's protagonist Jabby, a large hypodermic needle filled with mercury, antifreeze and aborted fetuses, departs on a quest to destroy the evil Baron Von Bigpharma and his wisecracking henchman Thimerosola, a vial of multidose influenza vaccine. Jabby's journey of adventure, and atonement for his condemning of so many young children to a life of neurodevelopmental stagnation, is already being held up by proponents of the autism-vaccine link as a powerful example of using information to promote a particular point of view. 

Using the power of facilitated communication and intravenous chelation, Jabby will liberate autistic children from around the world who have been imprisoned in their own bodies. Several guest stars are set to appear on the show as animated versions of themselves, including Charlie Sheen and Brent Spiner. The show's opening theme song is performed by Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan and the title character Jabby will be voiced by Rob Schneider.

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