Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Sylvia Brown Book Just a Hundred Pages of Smeared Lipstick and Cigarette Burns.....

New York, NY- Touchstone publishing, a subsidiary of Simon and Schuster, held a press conference today to announce the upcoming release of Sylvia Browne's new book, The Truth About Famous Psychic Angel Pets Astrology Healing.

"We at Touchstone are very excited about Ms. Browne's new literary effort," Touchstone Vice President and Publisher Stacy Creamer explained. "And we are confident that this publication will both delight and educate the public."

The Truth About Famous Pyschic Angel Pets Astrology Healing, which is the 47th book written by Brown over a long career as a psychic and as a magical talking leather sofa on the set of the Emmy winning Montel Williams Show, consists of one hundred pages of lipstick smears and cigarette ash burns. Browne has predicted that sales of this book will reach the one hundred million mark and that in 2014 a cure for diabetes will be discovered just sitting there on Tony Danza's back porch.

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