Monday, December 30, 2013

Brarbara Bloodstone's Psychic Predictions for 2014.....

Psychic Predictions for the year 2014
By Brabara Bloodstone

World famous psychic and ghost celebrity matchmaker Brabara Bloodstone
Every December people ask me, "Brabara, what's going to happen next year?" They know that because of my spiritual connections with ghosts, ancient Atlantean sorcerers, a robot from the 25th century and the vibrational fabric of reality, I am in tune with events yet to pass. Like in December of 2012 when I predicted that a bomb would go off in a major city somewhere in the world this year and that there would be heavy wind in some parts of the United States.

I'm tired of being bothered by people asking if they'll find a husband or get a job. I don't waste my amazing psychic abilities on such trivial matters. I focus on world changing events like natural disasters, assassinations, and major scientific breakthroughs. Like when I predicted the discovery of some kind of energy in space and the death of a celebrity.

I've spent the past week entirely focused on my predictions for 2014. Like trying to find a radio station while driving in the middle of nowhere, at times my vision of the future is clear and sometimes it's full of static. I don't promise 100% accuracy. My spirit guide may be from Andromeda VIII, but I am a simple human from the planet Earth. Here are my top twenty predictions:

1. Water is big in 2014. It's everywhere. I see large bodies of water all the way down to small puddles. Some people will be happy about it, and some people will be very upset. Thanks to a scientific breakthrough in Russia, water will become one of the most important substances on Earth and not just a mealtime beverage.
Water in a concrete lined hole in the ground

2. I see that at some point in 2014, probably during the middle or end of the year, but perhaps during the months of January through April, a previously unknown species of animal will be discovered. This animal will be unlike any animal every discovered in that it will have feelings and be as intelligent as humans.

3. Weather will be erratic, with long periods of the year being warm in many areas but then followed by lower temperatures. Some areas will have more consistent temperatures.

4. Florida will experience a massive earthquake, with half of the state slipping into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean. Disney World will be relocated to low Earth orbit.
A Florida beach just prior to the cataclysmic event!

5. I am worried about guns. They may be involved in a number of shootings.

6. Police should watch trucks coming into major cities. They may contain spoiled fruit.
An old banana like this may be entering your town next year!

7. Taxes will be collected by the government, these taxes will be spent on a variety of things including infrastructure and healthcare. Some people will gripe about them while others will accept them as inevitable. Aliens.
Should aliens pay taxes?

8. A cure will be found for headaches, but it will cause back pain. People will agonize over the choice with some choosing the sweet release of death.

9. What is the deal with these e-cigarettes?
I just don't understand these things! 

10. Human stem cells will be implicated in a number of diseases. Congress will put legislation in place to ban stem cells and most of the human population will die trying to remove theirs.

11. Obesity.

12. Obama will announce that he will not run for re-election in 2016.

13. A fourth branch of government will be put in place late in the year. It will consist of randomly chosen citizens.

14. Gay marriage will be legalized in another ten states, with 2 of these making it mandatory.

15. People will return to the Catholic church because of its softer stance on homosexuality, birth control and abortion. Bigfoot.
On his way to a compulsory gay wedding?

16. More people will have their pets spayed or neutered when an over-the-counter kit is released in mid-June.

17.  Global warming.

18. Biblical scholars will reveal exciting new information regarding God's last name. It's Jenkins.

19. In April, the iPad Neuro, which hooks directly into the owner's neuroendocrine system, will hit store shelves. Designed to fully integrate itself into the host, rendering clumsy scroll wheels and distracting free will obsolete, the Neuro will eventually come to control the function of other organs. By November, over half of the American population will be "plugged in" to Apple's Neurointegration Network, known as iLife, where they will receive daily instructions and be able to purchase food, water, and more time.

20. Celebrity deaths.


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