Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A 5-Year-Old Girl Reviews Movies Her Parents are Watching: The Wolverine

Knudsen's News film critic Preslilly Gilbert buying a pony
The Wolverine
A movie review by Preslilly Gilbert

The Wolverine is a violence movie with Huge Jackman. His name is Huge because he has really big muscles. He has spiky hair and likes to growl. He has a motorcycle. He has sharp knife hands that he hurts bad guys with until they fall asleep. My bedtime is 7. When I am fifty my bedtime will be late so I can watch mommy daddy shows and drink wine.

There are lots of adults talking and making mean faces in this movie. Some of the people go to sleep after being hurt but then wake up and fight a robot. A pretty lady licks on things and smiles pretty so she is nice but not a princess. My favorite princess is Frozen.

In the movie there are bombs. They are loud and my dolls are scared but I am not scared. It is in Japan. My daddy says Japan was bad a long time ago but now makes electronics and weird TV shows. My ballet teacher says boys can do ballet.

I give this move fifty five hundred thumbs because I had ice cream after dinner and my mommy said to stay in my room and I played on my Leap Pad. I have to go to the bathroom.

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