Saturday, January 11, 2014

Knudsen's Kitchen: Classic Recipes with a Modern Twist.....

The following recipe was submitted by reader, and Belvidere's Mayor, Spooner Jenkins.

Few drinks are more refreshing on a cold Winter's night than a properly muddled Rum Turnip. I pride myself on making one of the best Rum Turnips in Southern Nebraska. I probably shouldn't be doing this but here goes.

Spooner's Rum Turnip


1. Rum (I prefer a dark rum but any variety will do)
2. 1 large turnip, squeezed
3. 5 large shrimp, boiled, with the shell
4. Tabasco sauce
5. Soda water
6. 1 large lemon chopped fine, seeds removed
7. Garlic powder
8. Salt
9. 1 large onion, chopped and sweated
10. Lard (the highest quality you can afford)


1. Blender
2. Cheesecloth, extra fine weave
3. Muddler
4. 12 ounce glass tumbler


Place the chopped and sweated onion, shrimp with shell, and chopped lemon in the blender. Add 6 ounces soda water and pulse for 10 seconds. Add 5 drops of Tabasco sauce, pinch of salt, and garlic powder to taste. Pulse for additional 10 seconds. Grease the inside of the 12 ounce tumbler with lard and strain the contents of blender through the cheesecloth into the glass. Use the muddler to further break down any chunks. Add 1 ounce rum. Top off with turnip juice. 


Spooner Jenkins
Belvidere, NE

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