Friday, February 28, 2014

80's TV Fan Convention Erupts Into Spontaneous Scientific Conference.....

Los Angeles, CA- All it took was a simple question from a fan to turn the 2014 VH1 I Love the 80's Fan Convention, held last weekend in the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel's Grand Ballroom, into a scientific conference where a variety of topics from the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccines to advanced astrophysics were discussed by television stars from the "me decade".

"I was standing in line for the Charles in Charge table when somebody asked Scott Baio about global climate change," explained convention attendee Marshetta Wallace. "And then it just took off from there like a chain reaction. Who knew the stars of the 80's had such a breadth and depth of knowledge in so many scientific fields!"

Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff, shown here discussing the 2014 ACC/AHA guidelines for the use of cholesterol lowering medications with random people on the street

Highlights of the convention, in addition to the impromptu Baio-Aames debate on mankind's impact on rising global temperatures, included a plenary session on the role of childhood vaccines as a potential cause of autism which was moderated by the cast of T.J. Hooker. Adrian Zmed, a star of the show also well-known for his role in Grease 2 and a 2012 paper on the possible use of organic acids as potential biomarkers in the urine of autistic children, also weighed in on the effects of gravitation lensing on the cosmic microwave background. There was also a guy who solved a Rubik's Cube with his feet.


Pittypat said...

Love it!! But what about colonics and probiotics and foot detoxing and ear candling? Were there NO sessions on these?

President of VH1 said...

This was a legitimate VH1 endorsed fan convention based scientific conference. Maybe they talk about that kind of crap over at MTV!