Monday, February 3, 2014

Ghost Celebrity Matchmaker Picked up for Another Season.....

Brabara Bloodstone
Host of the E! Science Channel's Ghost Celebrity Matchmaker
The E! Science Channel announced today that its critically acclaimed reality program Ghost Celebrity Matchmaker has been picked up for another season, thanks in large part to a letter campaign organized by hardcore fans of the show.

"We could not be more proud of the impact the show has had on viewers," NBCUniversal President and CEO Steve Burke explained. "Numbers are important, but they don't always reveal the big picture. The ratings aren't there yet but clearly the show has found a niche. They deserve a chance to grow their audience."

Celebrity Ghost Matchmaker, which airs in the Sunday 8PM time slot, is hosted by world famous psychic Brabara Bloodstone. Bloodstone, a staple on the long running Emmanuel Lewis show, first achieved fame for her 1976 prediction of a boat sinking somewhere in the Pacific ocean. She parlayed that early success into a lucrative career, branching out into communication with dead pets and removing curses from celebrity meals, like beef stroganoff and clams flambe. It was during this time that she first had the idea of helping lonely dead celebrities find true love in the afterlife.

"What are you discussing with me Brabara?"
Webster Lewis on the set of his popular daily talk show

The show, which features Bloodstone sitting in the middle of a large brown leather sofa and chain smoking Pall Mall cigarettes while she either channels celebrity spirits or simply repeats what they are whispering in her ear, has been well received by critics, winning the Golden Globe for Best Dating Reality Series Involving Ghosts three out of the last four years. It lost to John Edward's Ghost Wife Swap in 2011. The most popular segments usually involve footage on location at various restaurants around Los Angeles during which Bloodstone describes what is happening. This typically involves a heated disagreement or romantic moment between the two deceased love birds.

Popular scene from season 2 where Marilyn Monroe has just slapped Giacomo Casanova after she caught him checking out an attractive younger ghost


Anonymous said...

That was close. Without Brabara, there would be nothing on TV worth watching. She has helped so many dead people.

Zoo Knudsen said...

Probably the only issue I've seen so far is how she refuses to help interracial and same sex ghost couples. Frankly I'm surprised that the media hasn't picked up on her terrible racism and homophobia.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong to right such slanders. I took Dr. Bloodstone's course on speaking to the dead and now I can help them right the wrongs of there lifes so that they can move on to the next plane. It only cost $1,500 dollars for 2-weeks of classes. You are old fool!