Monday, February 10, 2014

More Disturbing News About Conditions in Sochi.....

Sochi, Russia- As the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics stumble along, a steady stream of scathing reports and embarrassing photographs are making their way around the globe, revealing numerous problems with hotels and athletic venues. The latest news involves members of the United States Olympic treadmill team complaining of ramshackle equipment, the absence of appropriate practice facilities, and a seemingly complete lack of awareness of their events. Despite all 15 treadmill based events having already been completed, NBC has yet to even mention the newly added sport.

"I trained for 5 years to have the opportunity to represent my country in the Olympics." American Olympic team member Ashlie Stevenson, winner of the gold medal in the grueling 30-minute-long 8.0 mph run on a 5.0% incline event, explained. Her win in this event, referred to in competitive treadmill parlance as an "8 and 5", was the first for the United States but it was not shown on television. "We didn't expect to be competing in the Winter Olympics," Stevenson further revealed. "Honestly, it didn't make a whole lot of sense but the IOC said it was a better fit since treadmills are more popular when it's cold and snowing outside. So we're here, and we expected better."

American treadmill team captain Ace Anderson, bronze medal winner in the 15 minute backwards 5 and 10, is shown here competing in a qualifying heat
While the treadmill venue used for the actual competitions has been deemed adequate, having greater than 50% wall coverage with floor to ceiling mirrors and 3 randomly placed partially functional 5-feet-tall rusted metal floor fans, many of the complaints being voiced by members of the United States treadmill team have focused on the lack of appropriate practice or warm-up treadmills. Team captain Ace Anderson, who won bronze in the 15 minute backwards 5 and 10, compared the facilities to a third world country where the treadmills don't even have cup holders.

United States Olympic treadmill team practice and warm-up area
But not every aspect of the Sochi games have been negative for the treadmill team from the United States. According to Anderson, one of the best parts has been meeting other athletes from around the world and having the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for the sport. "It's a new event and people have a lot of questions. How do you know who wins is probably the most common, but also why. They ask why a lot. But after I explain the costumes and the judging, they get it."

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