Monday, April 21, 2014

Functional MRI Technology May Revolutionize Dating Scene.....

La Jolla, CA- Despite an ever growing number and variety of online dating sites, many single men and women are finding it increasingly difficult to find meaningful and lasting relationships. There is significant demand for increased accuracy of matching service predictions of potential passion, and efficiency as couples progress from the premarital period to a pledge of permanent partnership. Advances in modern neuroimaging technology, such as functional MRI (fMRI) brain scanning, may soon help thousands to make a true love connection.

According to experts at the Scripps Dating Research Institute in La Jolla, the ability to unlock the brains hidden secrets plays a key role in finding a perfect match. "Recent surveys have revealed that the second most common death related fear in men, coming in just behind dying on the toilet, is dying alone," romance researcher Rex Remington revealed. "And women aren't immune, with 95% citing failure to find a suitable mate as their biggest fear." They believe that this fear may soon be a thing of the past.

35% of male toilet deaths occur on the job
Functional MRI technology measures the activity of the brain by measuring changes in blood flow. Areas that are more active receive more flow, allowing patterns of activation to be interpreted, and in the case of attempting to find true love, matched for compatibility. Scripps dating researchers asked subjects a variety of questions about their lifestyle, interests and feelings about a range of topics such as religion and child rearing preferences while undergoing fMRI scanning. Patterns of brain activation were put through their patented matchmaking algorithm and a match was found.

So far the results have been amazing. "Out of our first ten test pairings, we've had two marriages, a one night stand, and a nice long chat," Remington explained. "And only two of the pairings ended in a ritual murder suicide pact." Scripps plans on bringing the service to market this Summer under the name Intimate Connections.

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