Monday, June 16, 2014

Dead Ghost Celebrity Matchmaker Brabara Bloodstone Makes Contact from the Other Side.....

Dead Ghost Celebrity Matchmaker Brabara Bloodstone, shown here giving personal credit card information to a stranger over the phone

Shocking scientists and skeptics of the supernatural, world famous ghost celebrity matchmaker Brabara Bloodstone has made a successful communication from beyond the grave.

"I'll be completely honest and just say that I never expected this day to come," renowned skeptic and debunker of paranormal claims Jim Randal explained. "But this is the real deal. It's safe to say that my entire career has been based on a belief that there is nothing after we die, and I was wrong."

Bloodstone first entered the spotlight in 1976 when she correctly predicted that a tornado would touch down somewhere in a state containing the letter S, M or A. She expanded her psychic communication empire over the years and even played an important role in the landmark 1993 Supreme Court ruling that allowed plants to testify in a court of law. Her true calling, however, was helping the ghosts of dead celebrities realize that it's never to late to find true love, which ultimately led to her development and hosting of the critically acclaimed E! Science Channel's Ghost Celebrity Matchmaker. In 2008, the show won an Emmy Award for Best Sofa or Love Seat in a Reality Program.

Bloodstone's communication from the land of the dead was discovered when a janitor at the SETI Institute accidentally bumped into the controls of one of the radio telescopes while vacuuming. Her message to the living consisted of a seemingly random assortment of words and phrases, often eerily similar to normal radio programming. In fact, in one segment Bloodstone revealed an uncanny ability to mimic a Dunkin' Donuts commercial. Biblical scholars and government codebreakers are currently hard at work attempting to uncover the hidden meaning of her words.

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