Saturday, January 23, 2016

Millions of Snowed In Americans Planning to Learn More About Presidential Candidates.....

Washington, D.C.- With up to 2 feet of snow having already fallen in some areas, and perhaps days to weeks of power outages expected across much of the Eastern seaboard, millions of Americans are planning to learn more about the presidential candidates in order to become more informed voters in the upcoming election.

A line of hopeful advanced citizens standing in line outside of a Manhattan public library, hoping to stock up on books about the American political process while supplies hold
"If you're looking for a silver lining in this situation, a lot of people are going to finally have the kind of time on their hands necessary to do a deep dive on the various backgrounds and positions of the presidential candidates," explained D.C. area kindergarten teacher Kacee Mistgrave. "The lines at the bookstores and libraries are crazy but it's worth it in order to give the democratic process the respect it deserves."

This isn't the first time that a natural disaster provided time for reading and quiet contemplation about a complicated topic. According to Alabaster Montreal, a professor of Cultural Literacy and Applied Applications at East Coast College of Such Things, there is a long history of Americans coming together to advance their understanding of vital concepts. "In the aftermath of the devastating 2005 hurricane season, we saw millions of people along the Gulf Coast researching the impact of global climate change on future weather patterns as well as the science of evolution."

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