Monday, August 13, 2007

Old Man Not Sure Who Harry Potter Is.....

Baton Rouge, LA-After hearing the name come up during a canasta tournament at Shady Acres Retirement Village, senior citizen Maynard Johnson was unable to recall where he had heard the name Harry Potter before. Johnson, a World War Two veteran and part time greeter at a local department store, quickly rejected the suggestions that he is the main character of a popular series of books and movies about wizards.

"He just wouldn't listen to reason.", Shady Acres volunteer and Harry Potter enthusiast Sean Higgens explained. "He just kept going, for like, man it was like an hour and a half. 'That Ethel Potter's kid? No, he died of dysentary.' He's the damn boy who lived!"

Eventually settling on Harry Potter being "that colored boy who used to do odd jobs for biscuits", Johnson was soon distracted by the television.


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