Friday, August 17, 2007

Suprised Mormon Missionaries Eaten by Cannibalistic Tribe.....

Papua-A group of Christian missionaries bringing the teachings of the Bible to the Korowai people of southeastern Papua, a province of Indonesia located on a large island north of Australia, were shocked to discover that several of their members were eaten during the night.

"This is the third time this month too. Frankly I just don't understand what this is about to be honest." John Yeardly of the Mormon Church Missionary Explorers for Christ, or MEC, revealed. "We came here, covered their nakedness, taught them shame, showed them the path to eternal salvation. Come on, we brought chocolate for Christ's sake!"

When approached for comment, village Chieftain Anduop Bailom stated, "I really liked those guys too. Steve was like my best bud. And chocolate. Can I just say, wow! But eating people is kind of our thing here. I know, I know. What are you gonna do?"


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