Saturday, February 8, 2014

Children's Conference Explores Question of Spontaneous Younger Siblings.....

Washington, D.C.- On Saturday February 8th, a group of older brothers and sisters will convene in Washington to work on achieving a consensus on the question of not just where babies come from, but how children across the country can unite to better prevent the development of younger siblings.

"As with most questions of this nature, such as the origin and transmission of cooties, the answer is turning out to be extremely complex," Jake Swanson,10-year-old conference coordinator and older brother of Ike Swanson, explained. "Where do babies come from and what mechanisms can we put in place to prevent their seemingly random appearance and the subsequent negative impact on our lives? This concept has troubled children our age for as long as we can remember, which is roughly three to seven years."

Saturday's program will begin at 8 a.m. with a pancake and XBOX/Princess and Ponies breakfast. Several discussions will be held during the day which will range from historical theories on spontaneous younger siblings to recent advances in school age understanding of why mommy and daddy don't have as much time to play anymore. The event is open to oddly advanced 5-year-old through socially delayed 13-year-old children and will be held at the National Academy of Sciences at 2101 Constitution Avenue NW.

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