Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blockbuster Clerk All Up in Area Man's Business.....

Bad Axe, MI-When Bad Axe amateur porn enthusiast Greg Stevens visited the town's only video rental store, the last thing he expected was for his business to be all gotten up in.

"There I was just minding my own business, and trying to rent a movie, when the clerk got all up in my business," Stevens explained. "He kept trying to tell me how awesome the special effects were in Spiderman 3 and how funny Flight of the Concords is. Then he asked me if I had seen Transformers yet because the previously viewed copies were on saile for $10.99. I couldn't believe it. Is it too much to ask to just put the copy of Romancing the Bone in a bag and give me my change?"

Upon hearing of the event, Blockbuster CEO James W. Keyes expressed concern. "Unfortunately, this is not the first complaint we've had of inappropriately entered business. At Blockbuster, we believe that a person's business should never be gotten up in for any reason which is why there are such strict rules and regulations in place regarding interaction with customers."

Mr. Keyes went on to admit that a very serious checking of theyselves was in order, so that any future wrecking of theyselves might be avoided.

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