Friday, April 25, 2008

Actor's Jail Time Puts What's Happening!! Movie On Hold.....

Culver City, CA-Adding further grief to the legions of Wesley Snipes fans around the world, Sony Corporation Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer announced today that plans for a What's Happening!! movie are being put on hold until 2010.

"We have no other recourse but to wait this thing out," Stringer explains. "I mean, if Woody Harrelson's word that Snipes has led an exemplary life and doesn't deserve hard time isn't enough for the judge then there isn't any hope left."

Longtime fans of the popular 1970's sitcom, which delighted the nation with the comic adventures of Roger "Raj" Thomas, Dwayne "Hey, Hey, Hey!" Nelson and Freddy "Rerun" Stubbs, have been holding prayer vigils and picket signs outside of the courthouse ever since Snipes' February 1st conviction. The numbers had begun to dwindle somewhat, but protesters were in full force at the Thursday sentencing with estimates of a crowd of nearly 5 participants.

Snipes, who has starred in such big-budget Hollywood movies as Major League, Blade and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, is slated to fill the role of Raj. Actor Anthony Anderson will be playing the coveted role of Rerun and, in a suprising move that is as of yet unsubstantiated by Sony, comedian Dane Cook is on board as Dwayne. The plot, so far kept secret by Sony, is rumored to be based on a combination of several of the show's classic episodes, but will also involve a dramatic sci-fi element with Shirley, the wise-cracking waitress at "Rob's Place", who will be portrayed by academy award winning actress Halle Berry, uncovering a vast government conspiracy regarding alien technology buried somewhere in the Mojave desert.

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