Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Classic Knudsen: August 14th, 2007.....

Sears Photographer Unable to Calm Crying Infant

Lafayette, LA-Despite all of her expertise in the use of hand puppets and key jingling, Sears photographer JoAnne Milton was unable to stop 3 month old Jessica Ayer's crying long enough to take a family picture.

"I don't know what happened in there," Milton explained. "The baby wasn't responding to anything, not even Cuddly Bear. It's like she's some kind of demon or something. It isn't right, that's for sure!"

After a thorough investigation by store management, it will be decided what the most appropriate course of action will be. Store manager Ray Geddes was unwilling to speculate as to whether the Ayer's would receive a full cash refund or store credit, however he did state that "first and foremost we are worried about that baby's soul."


The Laundress said...

once spent several hundred dollars at Sear's having photos taken of our three-week-old first born. She was asleep and no tickling or talking could wake her...

so the ingenious photographer propped her up in front of assorted props ( a teddy bear, some blocks) and snapped away... and we coughed up big bucks and mailed photos around the planet. Of a red-faced, anonymous-looking 3 week baby.

Damn, we were proud but STUPID.


Zoo Knudsen said...

Don't feel bad, I've done it too, although I don't how you managed to spend hundreds of dollars at Sears. Heck, you could probably buy a majority of Sear's stock with several hundred dollars. I think we had a coupon and got the pics for like 29.99.

Oh, it just hit me! 3 weeks? That was a tad early. No offense, but I'd hate to know what is floating around in the air in those places.

The Laundress said...


it was $312.00.

Had "birth announcements" with pink rosebuds and the glorious image of the snoring infant, plus a "personal" message inside.

Enuf to send to um, hundreds, of our closest friends and relatives.

yeah, we should have stayed home.

Your now all-knowing (and deep-pocketed) Laundress