Friday, September 20, 2013

Cosmeceutical Industry Running Out Of Ingredients.....

Phoenix, AZ- Cosmeceutical researchers at the prestigious University of Phoenix announced today that if current trends of worsening global climate change continue, the world may be depleted of novel ingredients for use in anti-aging creams, facial moisturizers, hair conditioners, nail rejuvinators, holistic bio-protectors and topically applied body detoxification by the year 2020.

"This is something that the entire cosmeceutical industry needs to be very concerned about," lead researcher Dr. Robert Bibble MD, ND, DAOM, RD, who is both a certified herbal psychologist and a certified Naturopathic midwife, explained. "As it is we are pretty much down to just yak urine and pigeon droppings. It isn't ideal."

But while Dr. Bibble is calling for industry-wide regulations on the number of new ingredients allowed per product, some experts aren't buying into his doomsday scenario of a world where cosmetic products contain only active ingredients with legitimate evidence for their safety and efficacy. Azriel Peterson, clinical cosmetician and director of Body Essentials Day Spa in Sedona isn't concerned at all. "We are pioneering the field of nano-cosmeceuticals, which are are formulated with proprietary, state-of-the-art, nano-technologies such as dynamic intradermal nano-vehicles. Our nano-cosmeceuticals implement innovation in a nano-formulation of previously exploited botanicals and natural active ingredients. We'll be able to milk this stuff for decades."

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