Monday, September 16, 2013

Sad Childless Couple Pushes Dog Down Playground Slide.....

South Burlington, VT- Citizens of South Burlington watched helplessly today as childless couple Steve and Lucinda Shields forced their 60 pound mixed breed dog Snickers down a playground slide in the hopes of finding some small measure of relief from the crushing sadness of their failing 6 year marriage.

"Seeing Snickers come down that slide, and the look of pure joy on his face was a real treat," Lucinda Shields explained. "It almost makes it all worth it, you know. All these wasted years. With him."

Long time resident Mortimer Townsend has seen a lot of dogs on slides during his 50 years in South Burlington. "Dogs come and dogs go around here. People move on too. But that slide has been at this park since before I moved here in 1963. I reckon it'll be here long after I'm gone."

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