Saturday, September 29, 2007

Willing Suspension of Disbelief Threatened by Product Placement.....

Cranston, RI-Moviegoer Bort Hickson came dangerously close to disbelief today when a blatant product placement was inserted into the film "Who's Your Caddy?".

"There I was, enjoying the wacky antics of "street-smart" rapper C-Note and his band of jolly companions as they took part in a zany prankfest with the uptight "whiteys" of the Carolina Pines Country Club, when it happened," Mr. Hickson explained. "The minute that Dread, a hilarious member of C-Note's crew, sat down next to a soft drink bottle that was perfectly positioned for my recognition, I experience a fleeting moment where it seemed that perhaps the events taking place in this documentary were somehow fabricated, that the whole affair was in reality just a group of paid entertainers performing memorized lines."

Clinical psychologist Logan Eversby understands how close calls such as this can happen. "Modern science has actually removed much of the mystery from this phenomenon. When you see a familar product during a documentary like "Who's Your Caddy?", or "SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2" for example, our brains can be fooled into thinking that the events on screen exist in a make-believe world created for the enjoyment of the moviegoer. Think of it as a short circuit of sorts. Sadly, despite all of my expertise in this area I have yet to figure out how they know where to set the cameras up in order to catch all the exciting stuff that happens."

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