Saturday, October 6, 2007

Area Man Usually Lifts That Much Weight.....

Denver, CO-Despite several attempts, and a veritable cacophony of grunts and shrieks, Denver advertising executive Larry Simon was unable to bench press 225 pounds today at a local 24 Hour Fitness center.

"Dammit I usually get that no problem man," Mr. Simon explained. "I have been feeling a little under the weather though, and I forgot to carb load this morning. Not getting warmed up like I usually do probably didn't help either. Plus all the stress I'm under what with my new job and, you know, the war and all that junk."

Fellow gym members aren't entirely convinced by Mr. Simon's excuses. Trainer Steve McDougal is especially skeptical. "I've never seen that guy do that much weight before. I think he's full of it. He was probably trying to impress the ladies or something stupid like that. Dude's gonna hurt himself if he's not careful."

After completing his weight workout, Mr. Simon was overheard blaming his poor basketball performance on that fact that his in-laws are in town and are just "stressing him out".

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