Sunday, October 14, 2007

Babies Found to be Resistant to Behavior Manipulation.....

Wilmington, DE-A recently concluded 10-year, seven million dollar study of the effectiveness of common methods of influencing behavior on infants has found that children under a year of age are suprisingly resistant.

"We looked at everything," Drexel University and lead researcher Clement Scott explained. "Reverse psychology, peer pressure, modeling, positive variable ratio reinforcement, even verbal abuse and threats of physical harm. And across the board they weren't effected. These findings may finally explain why so few babies join cults or health clubs."

Naturally these findings will serve as inspiration for future research. "Now that we know that something is going on here, the next step is figuring out how babies remain impervious to these typically effective means of manipulating the behavior of others. But ultimately we need to know why only babies can do this and if this is something that be harnessed for the betterment of mankind."

The Pentagon has been aware of this study, and interested in the results from the beginning. In a leaked memo to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Hap Remington wrote "So if we are all in agreement on this, I can have an infant division ready for airdrop into the aforementioned hotspot by the end of the year." The White House is categorically denying any interest in enlisting infants.


Anonymous said...

here is the score: babies ARE impervious to the attempts to manipulate their behavior because babies are the masters of manipulating all other beings.

Babies are The Masters of the Universe.

The sooner everyone else realizes this and bows to our power, the better.

Save millions and sleep, just abandon all further research on this topic.

yrs truly,
The Oldest Baby in the World

Zoo Knudsen said...

Yes but at what point do they lose these amazing mental powers and why? Where do these babies even come from? Scientific investigation must continue!

A Mom Who Thinks Too Much said...

As the mother to a two-year old, I found this post extremely funny!

It is true. They are impervious.

Sometimes I even try to "act casual" to get my child to do something. He can still sniff me out!

They are amazing. :)