Monday, June 23, 2008

Unconventional Hospital Policy Improves Patient Care.....

Meridian, MS-The employees of Meridian's Fisk Memorial Hospital don't take life for granted anymore, and they love their jobs. Ever since management instituted a new policy of matching 401k retirement fund investments, and a bi-weekly staff member execution, morale has soared.

"We can't believe the results," Chief Medical Officer Mort Fishman explained. "I walk around and see cleaner floors, fewer medical errors and, most importantly, more satisfied patients. The staff is really on their best behavior and they are able to put more away for the future. Everybody wins."

But not all the employees are as excited about the improvements at Fisk Memorial, including Central Supply technician Hector Sanchez. "The random killings are a problem, but the benefits are really good here now. Still, I'm thinking about quitting."


rlbates said...

So does the hospital collect life insurance on it's executed employees? Not a place a would want to work, no matter how good the benefits.

Anonymous said...

The life insurance is probably what funds the 401(k) match.