Sunday, January 19, 2014

Enduring ENERGY Promises to Revolutionize Energy Drink Market and Human Existence.....

Wabash, IN- Hoping to maintain its dominance in the intensely competitive energy drink industry, the company that brought us the 5-hour ENERGY energy shot is claiming that their new product, Enduring ENERGY, will revolutionize the energy drink market and redefine human existence.

"When we first introduced 5-hour ENERGY in 2004, we changed the way the game was played," Living Essentials CEO Manoj Barghava explained. "Now the marketplace is crowded. We may be the industry leader right now, but what about in five or ten years. With Enduring ENERGY, our place at the top is assured forever."

Unlike all other energy products, which have to be consumed by mouth and result in only transient stimulant effects, Enduring ENERGY works continuously. And you don't even have to drink Enduring ENERGY.
Consumers who purchase the Enduring ENERGY system will undergo a simple surgical procedure which involves the implantation of an internal pump and catheter so that Enduring ENERGY can be delivered at a constant rate, straight to your central nervous system.

According to Barghava, energy scientists have been struggling for years to overcome a number of barriers:

We knew about caffeine, but it took years to figure out what combinations of additional active ingredients, like B vitamins and amino acids, would work best. It's complex biochemistry not baking cookies! We worked out how to reduce the volume without losing the effect, and that's when 5-hour ENERGY burst onto the scene. But the biggest obstacle has always been the blood-brain barrier.
The blood-brain barrier is made up of the specialized junctions between cells in the vertebrate central nervous system, and it is extremely effective at keeping the brain separated from the blood. So it's great for protecting the brain from toxic chemicals and maintaining a stable environment, but bad news for energy drink manufacturers because a large percentage of the consumed energy is lost to metabolism and wasted on other organs like the liver or plectum. Enduring ENERGY is the first energy product that completely bypasses the blood-brain barrier for optimal energy.

So how does Enduring ENERGY provide a nonstop boost, maintaining a state of full alertness without that annoying crash or the need to waste time lifting a beverage container to your mouth and swallowing? It's as easy as modern science. Medical scientists have long used pumps and internally placed catheters to deliver medicine intrathecally. Now the makers of Enduring ENERGY are incorporating the power of intrathecal delivery into their cutting edge new system. But what is intrathecal delivery exactly?

An intrathecal injection occurs when a medicine is delivered directly into the spinal canal, allowing immediate access to the cerebrospinal fluid that nourishes and protects our brains. Historically this type of drug delivery system was put into use for administering chemotherapy and for treating pain, but a number of additional indications have come on line in recent years. Doctors all over the world are using intrathecal medicines to fight infections and even treat cerebral palsy. And now with Enduring ENERGY, hard working and no nonsense folks can take on their day with 100% efficiency so that they can achieve all of their hopes and dreams!

Enduring ENERGY isn't for everyone reveals Barghava:

I want potential consumers to think long and hard about their readiness to engage life full throttle, and to live a fully realized existence without regret over things which they are just too tired to accomplish. Some people are also probably not ready to give up activities like sleep and blinking, while others see them as the shackles they are. 
He further cautions buyers to avoid cheap knock off products that will likely hit store shelves soon after Endure ENERGY stating that when it comes to a surgically placed catheter and pump, quality is important. The Endureing ENERGY system will be sold only from barges anchored in international waters and will retail for $3,500, cash only.

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