Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brabara Bloodstone is Dead.....

World famous and now dead psychic and ghost celebrity matchmaker Brabara Bloodstone, seen here talking on a corded telephone
The Netherworld- World famous psychic and ghost celebrity matchmaker Brabara Bloodstone has died, leaving behind a critically acclaimed television show, Ghost Celebrity Matchmaker, and legions of loyal followers.

"Brabara in many ways changed the way we think about the afterlife," Frangelis Middleton, Bloodstone's fourth husband and executor of her estate, explained. "She had a gift, an amazing way of bringing people together and charging them for her services."

Bloodstone will perhaps best be remembered for her eerily accurate psychic predictions of future events, ranging from the mundane to the monumental. She very accurately predicted the 2007 crash of the housing market in 1985 when she stated during a segment on the Webster Lewis show that "people in the next century might have money problems." She also predicted the current controversy in Crimea when she wrote in her 2008 book, You, Me, and Your Dead Grandpa, that Russia "won't be completely honest about everything over the next fifty years."

Although the cause of Bloodstone's death hasn't been officially released, it appears that she was eaten by a shark while returning home from a taping of her television show. A leaked police report has revealed that while inside the shark, Bloodstone suffered a massive stroke. To make matters even worse, an anonymous informant has stated that the shark then exploded, likely because it was smoking while filling up its car with gasoline.

The shark's motives are unknown but may involve Bloodstone's recent appearances in Australia to support her line of shark cartilage based cosmetics. Not surprisingly, this is the exact mechanism of death predicted by Bloodstone in a 1974 letter to the editor of Redbook magazine. Her show is being placed on hiatus, but may return in the Fall with a new host.

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