Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Research on Wine Tasting Stumps Skeptics, Proves Psychic Intuition.....

Portland, OR- A new study out of the Institute for Paranormal Gustatory Experience, a Portland based organization that specializes in research on taste related psychic abilities, has revealed that some sensitive individuals can accurately predict the flavor profile of a wine prior to drinking it.

Study Subject 11B "Dale Southerland", shown here confirming the trace of burnt marshmallow and beaver anal gland secretion revealed by his psychogustative intuition
"The accuracy was uncanny," paranormal taste researcher Dr. Devon Dinkleshire explained. "They predicted cherry overtones, notes of peach and apricot, even hints of gooseberry that were later confirmed by a panel of Master Sommeliers.

Published in Online Publishing Module 792 - Anomalous Phenomena, Wine and based on ten years of blinded wine tastings, the groundbreaking paper proves that some individuals demonstrate psychogustative intuition. According to Dinkleshire, psychogustative intuition is experienced by a small minority of the population. "This should silence the so-called debunkers and naysayers that blindly attack proof of psychic phenomena!"

Each study subject was allowed to list up to 20 flavors or descriptive terms to describe the wine that they were about to taste. They noted each wines acidity, angularity, density and intellectual satisfaction in addition to more pedestrian descriptors like "bitter" and "like vinegar mixed with Welch's grape juice. These lists were then compared to a similar list produced by the Master Sommeliers on loan from a nearby Romano's Macaroni Grill. A positive test was declared when the descriptions were deemed equivalent by Dr. Dinkleshire.

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