Thursday, April 9, 2015

World's Fattest Baby Now in Size 2 Diapers.....

ALEISK, Russia-When Nadia Khalina was born in February, she weighed nearly 18 pounds and had a BMI well over the 95 percentile. Nearly two months later the morbidly obese former neonate has, with the help of nutrition experts, pediatric health specialists, and certified infant fitness trainers sponsored by Quiznos, managed to drop 10% of her birth weight.

Certified Infant Fitness Expert Derique, shown here demonstrating his trademark Derique Technique while on tour with the Belvidere Hambone Players
"When we started working with Nadia, I really didn't think we'd have this much success so early in the program," infant trainer Tawny Kincaid explains. "She didn't seem to want it bad enough, you know. If you are going to drop those pounds, you've got to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize and, well, she acted like this was all a big joke at first."

Team nutritionist Nancy Cadwallader, a veteran in the business of weight loss who has worked with celebrity babies like Siri Cruise and North by Northwest Kardunkian, knew that the first obstacle for Nadia was cutting back on carbohydrates, and that meant breast milk. "That stuff is like liquid cheese danish. Sure its got some protein in it, and some immunoglobulins, but it also has about 7% carbs."

This aspect of the program was the most difficult according to the team. Cadwallader reveals that there is often an emotional component to eating when it comes to newborns, who often turn to the bottle or breast for comfort when they experience stress, anger, or loneliness. "Some newborns want to feed simply because they are awake and bored. It's not a good pattern for them to fall into."

Next for Nadia was the focus on physical activity. Kincaid, a former obese infant and host of Survivor: Baby Fat Camp, says that being unable to perform purposeful movements or to see for more than a few inches in front of their faces is not an excuse to be lazy and inactive. "If they won't move then you have to move them!" Kincaid is a proponent of core training techniques such as Infant Pilates but admits that sometimes it's okay to just "blast those baby biceps every now and then, especially with male infants who do appreciate a more chiseled physique."

With Nadia's dramatic weight loss comes a wide array of health benefits. In fact, pediatric endocriniatrist Mort Fishman, a graduate of Moulin a Diplomes Medical College, couldn't be more pleased with her progress. "Morbidly obese infants face a number of health hurdles such as lipid plugged meridians, stagnant chi, angry liver, and phlegmatism. Nadia has none of these."

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