Sunday, August 10, 2014

Man on Winery Tour Tastes the Gooseberry.....

Napa Valley-Dale Southerland, an accountant visiting the Flora Springs Winery today, shocked a large crowd of cellar rats, winemakers and fellow winery patrons when he was able to note 27 distinct flavors in their 2013 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay.

Dale Southerland, shown here tasting the gooseberry, mere moments before being torn to pieces by fellow wine tasters so that they might feed upon his brainstem and olfactory cortex thus acquiring his unique wine tasting ability
"We've had people note ten, maybe 15 flavors before," Winemaker Ken Deis revealed. "They'll usually describe the aroma a bit and comment on the finish, but this is just incredible. Nobody has taken it to this level before and it's just a great example of how precise wine tasting is and how some people are much better at this than others. And Dale is just a very impressive guy. We are all just very impressed."

Mr. Southerland, who noted a hint of autumn leaves and gooseberry as the 26th and 27th flavors, thinks that there may be even more subtle flavors in the wine but he would need more time to sort them out. "I'm not entirely sure, but right at the end I almost think I noted just a splash of black currant with bing cherry undertones. And, could it be? Yes, it is! Just a trace of squirrel's feet and chalkboard erasers. Sublime."

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