Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homeless Area Sommelier Will Describe Things for Food.....

Detroit, MI- One of many in the Detroit fine dining industry to lose their jobs over the past few months, area wine sommelier Floynell Mirth has resorted to describing things on the street for money and food in order to survive.

Homeless sommelier Floynell Mirth, mere moments before pairing a half-eaten club sandwich found in a trash can with a delightful 2014 bottle of habanero-lime flavored Mad Dog 20/20 
"Detroit is still feeling the effects of the housing crash and subsequent economic slowdown nation-wide," Detroit-based economist Darnielle Admen explained. "Even historically stable markets are seeing significant job losses."

Mirth, a Gold-Pin member of the North American Sommelier Association, says that he will describe almost anything in exchange for spare change or a meal. Although he has trained for years to achieve a seemingly preternatural ability to detect and describe the flavors and aromas of wine, many of which cannot be appreciated by common palates, he appreciates the reality of the adage "beggars can't be choosers." "It's actually not that hard. You know we make all that shit up, right?"

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