Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maker of Popular E-Cigarette Brand Deny Targeting Kids with New Product.....

Bristol, United Kingdom- Manufacturers of Safe-T-Vape brand E-cigarettes have drawn significant criticism over their latest product, which combines a standard E-cigarette nicotine delivery device with a handheld video game, but deny that they are targeting young children.

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"We are absolutely not attempting to entice school-aged children into using our products," Royal Tobacco Chairman Lance Rapier explained. "There are reams of papers showing that adults enjoy gaming as much if not more than minors."

There are currently two versions of the device available for purchase online or in select retail outlets. The Scorpion comes in red and has a giant flame-spewing robotic scorpion on the back that is depicted crushing an army tank with a ninja warrior impaled on its stinger. For female consumers, the Princess comes in pink, covered in glitter and with a shirtless picture of Justin Bieber in place of the metallic arthropod.

In addition to the gaming feature, which industry analysts believe will help to significantly increase the market share of Safe-T-Vape, each proof-of-purchase can be redeemed for a chance to win two tickets to any Six Flags amusement park in the continental United States or a birthday party with the cast of Disney's animated hit Frozen. When the 1.1 ml tank reservoir is near empty or the rechargeable battery power falls to 25%, units can be programmed to play either "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry or adorable kitten noises.


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AlterSmoke said...

That's a very interesting blog and thank you for sharing it. I am really impressed that the manufacturer denied to target kids with their new product and that's a great thing to know. It shows that they have integrity and do not put money over that. Great move on their part.