Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Evidence Shows Forefathers Feasted on Turducken.....

Boston, MA- As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, and families across America are planning their holiday feasts, they may want to take into account recently unearthed evidence that instead of turkey, our pilgrim forefathers may have actually dined on turducken.

Every child deserves a turkey!
“My discovery is going to change the way that Americans think about Thanksgiving,” Carl’s Meat Warehouse owner, and amateur archaelogist, Carl Langford explained. “And conveniently we have a special on turducken, two for $59.99.”
This new finding, which was announced today during a press conference held at Carl’s Meat Warehouse, has yet to be evaluated by experts in the field. But Langford believes that the evidence speaks for itself. “I don’t need some jerk with a fancy degree to tell me that I have the best deal on turducken in town, and that is something the early settlers would have been proud of.”

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