Saturday, November 29, 2014

Knudsen's Poetry Corner: The Anatomy of Love.....

The following poem was submitted by long time Knudsen's News reader Dr. Mort Fishman

The Anatomy of Love

Patrick Swayze, shown here leaning against a wall wearing high-waisted jeans

Love is like the bifurcation of my trachea
And you are its corina
Sometimes when the voices come I'm scared
But you are my placenta
I would never think of you as a malformation
But a very special variation

You are my palmaris longus of love
The vincula brevis of my profundus of passion
I dream of innervating your brachial plexus with sweet kisses
And being lost in the sulci of your cortex of affection
My ganglion are overwhelmed every time we anastomose
May you never lesion my nerves of longing for you

You stimulate my dermatome
You adduct my magnus
You elevate my scapula,
You pronate my teres
You rotate my cuff
When you softly touch my lingula


Monica Lalanda said...

Klay Jones has posted a link to your peom in twitter. It is fascinating, very funny and most of all......different (and that is a rare avis noadays)
Thank you!
Monica (all the way from Spain)

Anonymous said...

And I notice now that this poem belongs to someone called Mort Fishman.
still.....congratulations to both of you!!!
Mónica Lalanda