Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Portland Compounding Pharmacy Releases Line of Artisanal Parenteral Nutrition.....

Portland, OR- Peach & Barrow, a Portland based compounding pharmacy that opened in 2015, has recently begun marketing a line of small-batch artisanal intravenous nutrition products for use by high-end hospitals and home health companies catering to clients looking for a more traditional experience.

Jasper Online Name Generator Wilson, owner of Peach & Barrow pharmacy, shown here delivering a batch of IV total parenteral nutrition to a local nursing home
"For years, the healthcare consumer has been forced to rely on parenteral nutrition made in an assembly line fashion without any respect for the process," Peach & Barrow owner Jasper Online Name Generator Wilson explained. "We locally source all of the constituents of our hand crafted products, from the trace elements to the lipids and amino acids. And all contain honey-based dextrose obtained from bees that worked with us voluntarily."

At Peach & Barrow, no two parenteral nutrition solutions are the same. The recipe, derived more through intuition than the use of any pharmacy textbook, depends on the season and what is currently popular. According to Wilson, each morning pharmacy employees scout out the local farmers' markets and scour social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and some site called BabyTatz, where people tattoo their babies with pictures of what they just ate or inspirational David "Avocado" Wolfe quotes. "And each of our IV nutrition blends comes in a mason jar that was hand blown from rare sea glass."

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