Monday, May 29, 2017

Experts Urge Caution After Area Child Dies from Essential Oil Deficiency.....

Brookline, MA- Local health experts are warning parents to ensure optimum wellness after area 7-year-old Odin Barnaby Jones died from complications of an essential oil deficiency.

An advanced practice doTERRA Wellness Advocate, shown here preparing a batch of lavender and bat wing

"I can't believe he's gone," Brookline parent Trendy Bacon explained. "Our kids were playing together at Waldstein park just last week. He seemed fine, but maybe a little tired. Like maybe his body was dealing with a lot of stress and negativity. He definitely didn't have his natural radiance."

Dr. Mort Fishman, a Registered Naturopathic Diplomate at Conscious Body Natural Medicine and a Level 8 Grand Mage/Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, is warning parents that wellness is about much more than regular daily exercise and a healthy diet. According to Fishman, the power of essential oils exists at the intersection of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom. "These oils can't be synthesized by the human body regardless of how clean their diet is or how many detox sessions they book with me at only $99 per enema."

Essential oils, which must be carefully milked from exotic plants, like bergamot and basil, while they sleep under a full moon, exert powerful and specific science effects on the human system. Although the exact mechanism is unclear, science people at top buildings believe that the essential oils gain access to the brain and core glands via blood and nerve attachments. The brain and glands are believed to control our bodies' emotions, nervous systems, and immunological processes.

Daily applications of a variety of essential oils is key to promoting wellness. What this means, according to Fishman, is that deficiencies in essential oils can result in a variety of serious ailments, like infantile equine colic and quantum fall apart. "Sadly, there are many children out there at risk whose parents don't care enough keep them alive."

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