Saturday, June 10, 2017

Area 6th Grader Confesses to 1993 Double Homicide During a Game of Truth or Dare.....

Tonganoxie, KS- Law enforcement officials have announced a break in the 24-year-old unsolved murder of Tonganoxie residents Randal and Emersbee Miller, and a local 6th grade student at Tonganoxie Middle School has been taken into custody after confessing to the crime during an intense game of truth or dare.

Teenagers playing the classic game of "Spin the Blunt Object I Used to Kill a Homeless Man" during a school field trip to the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, MO
"As I watched the bottle spin, I think on some level I knew that my past was finally going to catch up to me," the suspect, whose name has not been released but everyone is pretty sure that it's that Jenkins boy what lives on South Park Drive near the hardwood and tile store, explained in a leaked statement. "I would have gotten away with it if I had just picked dare, but I was afraid they might make me touch Jenny Barber's boobs again."

This is not the first time that a seemingly innocent childhood game has provided clues to a longstanding cold case. According to Criminologist Jerry Dupont, author of 1001 Party Games and Murder Confessions, the types of games often played at birthday parties and sleepovers, are a perfect setup. "Police in Belvidere, NE once solved the "Never Have I Ever mutilations" when some kid at a church lock-in announced that he'd never sacrificed an infant to Satan and eaten a human kidney."

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